Season of the Sword: Swordtember!

Season of the Sword: Swordtember!

For many, September is the start of Spooky Season, but when I came across this art challenge by Faith Schaffer, September is now the season of the SWORD!

Like many other art challenges, the idea is you create art based off the prompts, and then post that art (if you want!). Many challenges are a month long, like Faith's, but you can also go at the pace you want. I decided for Guild Party, it would make the most sense to create a separate, easier prompt list. Also, this one is much more fitting!

I've also included Faith's original prompt list and rules. Also, if you have a moment, check out her art, I promise you won't be disappointed!


I'll be posting on both my Twitter and Instagram If you'd like to follow along. Also, tag me if you make your own variations. Happy Swordtember!!

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