2022 TTRPG Creators Gift Guide

2022 TTRPG Creators Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching, I wanted to give you a holiday head start on some of the coolest items in the TTRPG space. And since I joined the Tabletop Creator Hub this year, our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is going to focus on the amazing businesses that are also a part of this group.

I love that Advent Calendars have become so diverse. Check out the variety of offering and various gift sets:

2022 gift guide featuring images of ttrpg advent calendars and gift sets1. Tabletop Crafter (UK) - Tabletop Crafter offers both dice and handmade products for your tabletop games. This year they have 4 Dice Advent Calendars to choose from including this beautiful Luxury Calendar in collaboration with Jodie’s Dice Farm. You have 13 options to choose from for your calendar. If that’s not enough, Tabletop Crafter has also collaborated with Mini Geek Boutique on this Christmas Dragon T-shirt,  and with Dragon Tokens on these Wooden Ornaments.

2. Guild Party (US) - Guild Party is a TTRPG inspired clothing company, and has some great options for the holidays this year. You can choose between three mystery boxes, a Starter Box of Holding, a Standard Box of Holding, or the Premium Box of Holding. Each box contains original products from Guild Party in addition to art prints, dice sets or D&D themed candles from Cantrip Candles. Sign up for the waitlist here.

3. Meeples & Dragons (AUS) - Not only does Meeples and Dragons offer accessories for your D&D games, but they also offer a selection of other games that might be of interest. This year, they’re offering an impressive Dice Advent Calendar. Not only do you get 24 days of dice sets, but it even comes with a surprise gift for Christmas. And while they’re currently sold out, you can join the waitlist for when they reopen their pre-orders.

4. Fights and Fancy (UK) - If you’re looking for something to satisfy the notetaker in your group, then look no further than Fights and Fancy. This set of D&D Player Journals immediately caught my eye. Each journal comes with character sheets and plenty of pages for notes. As an added bonus, each gift bundle comes with a set of dice too!

5. Fantasy by Numbers (CAD) - If you’re looking to add a little more magic to your games, Fantasy by Numbers has you covered. With products ranging from magic wands to dragon dice towers, they have a great selection of handmade items. This set of Dragon Egg Dice Boxes would make a great gift for that dragon lover in your life. You can even customize the scale shape and size of your dragon eggs.

6. Fantastic Knicknackery (US) - Fantastic Knicknackery creates handmade items for both on and off the table. This year they’re offering Ready to Gift Bundles that feature items like enamel pins, lanyards, zipper pouches and more. There are three tiers you can choose from: silver, gold and platinum. 

Thinking of putting together a D&D themed Christmas Tree? Here are a bunch of great options for both on the tree and under:

2022 gift guide featuring images of ttrpg ornaments, and holiday decor
1. Unartick (EU) - Unartick’s shop featured dice, dice trays, dice bags, and other handmade ttrpg accessories. If you love the idea of Advent Calendars, but want to create your own, Unartick has these great Polyhedral Dice Bags ready to go. One of these amazing Dice Potions could be a great gift option.

2. Works of Whimsy Studios (US) - Works of Whimsy Studios is at it again with their amazing Laser Cut Ornaments. There are 4 colorways to choose from (Aurora, Hillside, Snowfall, Nightsky), and you can top it with a woodcut of your choice ranging from dragons and wolves to dice inspired. Make sure you check out their other products for some great one of a kind pieces.

3. Mini Geek Boutique (UK) - Mini Geek Boutique features items perfect for either grown or mini geeks. And if you’d like something festive to wear while looking at decorations or unwrapping gifts, this D&D Inspired Christmas Sweater is a great option. It even glows in the dark! 

4. Jodie’s Dice Farm (UK) - Jodie’s Dice Farm is best known for their dice sets. Not only do these dice resemble beautiful swirling stone, but they’re also made from the environmentally friendly Jesmonite and can be biodegraded. This year they’re offering Mystery D6 Baubles that you can hang on your tree. What’s great is you can enjoy the decoration, and then get an additional gift later!

5. Quest 4 Stuff and Things (US) - Quest 4 Stuff and Things is a one stop shop for all things RPG, including backpacks, blankets, and wall decor. This Ornament Bundle immediately caught my eye. Not only is it fantasy themed, but all of the ornaments look like gingerbread cookies!

6. Critical Print 3D (EU) - Critical Print 3D creates a myriad of 3D printed fantasy items. The D20 Christmas Baubles are perfect for trimming your tree. You can choose from the preselected colors, get a random mix of colors, or even come up with your own mix. They come in sets of 3, 6, 9, or 12.

7. M.S. Illustration (US) - M.S. Illustrations’s shop is full of products with amazing illustrations. But it was this beautiful black and gold Elder Scrolls inspired Wrapping Paper that really caught my eye. This paper is sure to elevate your gifts. If that’s not enough, they also have a great selection of Advent Calendars to choose from featuring a variety of their illustrated items.

8. Geeky Tendencies (CAD) - Geeky tendencies is another shop where you can find great accessories for your TTRPG game. They have minis, dice trays, spellbooks, and more. If you love crafting and DIY, they have a bunch of great printables. These Paper Dice Boxes would look great on a nerdy tree, and the best part is you can coordinate with your existing decorations!

Don’t forget about yourself this holiday season! There are so many great offerings that now is a fantastic time to get yourself something special:

2022 gift guide featuring images of ttrpg items to enhance your gameplay experience

1. Studio Crowmatic (AUS) - Studio Crowmatic offers amazing acrylic charms, enamel pins, and even cute zines featuring unique characters. My favorite of their pieces has to be the acrylic Enemy Tokens. You have your choice of small to gargantuan and each one works on a standard grid mat. I like these because it allows your players to know how serious the enemy is without needing to buy minis for every encounter. 

2. Shamrock Games (EU) - Shamrock Games makes exquisite handmade leather items for your gaming needs. Their products range from a variety of dice bags, to multiple styles of dice tray. I was especially taken in by the color and stitching detail on the Entertainer Dice Tray. And if you’re torn between a dice tray or bag, they also offer bundles!

3. The Fabled Flame (US) - The Fabled Flame is known for their beautiful D20 candles. Not only do they offer a monthly candle, but they also have collections around the holidays. This year’s Seasonal Collection features five different scents Tinkersnaps, Feywine, Cone of Cold, Frostgaard, and Rimeberry. You have your choice of individual candles, a bundle, or if you’re not sure what scent to get, you can try out the sampler pack!

4. Figmenter - If you’re looking for something really unique, why not commission art of your favorite tabletop character? Figmenter specializes in both renders that are ready to 3D print, or illustrations ranging from a portrait of your character all the way up to a dynamic image featuring your gaming party.

5. Inkling Print Company (US) - Inkling Print company is known for their D&D inspired apparel, and has also expanded to include stickers, patches, and dice bags. But one of their most unique offerings are their hand printed cloth maps. Not only are they super unique, but you could also frame and display them when not in use. I especially love the Forest Feast map! If you want to get a monthly stream of maps, you can join their Patreon for $10 a month. 

6. Dungeon Keep (CAD) - When I saw the Spell Books created by Dungeon Keep, I knew I had to share them. Each spell book has sleeves to hold D&D spell cards (24, 48, or 100). You have a choice of either a pre-made book or a customized option for your spellcaster. I’m especially fond of these Velvet Spell Books.

7. Roll for Creativity (UK) - Roll for Creativity offers a variety of lovely handmade items including notepads, sun cantachers, and even cross stitch patterns. This year they’re offering exclusive holiday Dice Potions. The design of these dice potions are super cute, and I love how they remind me of a magic 8 ball.