RPG Class Style: Dress like a Barbarian!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Barbarian!

This is an ongoing series on how to dress like your favorite RPG or D&D classes. Each post is a jumping off point to give you some inspiration in creating your own Class Style. To see previous posts, click here.

Barbarians wear their emotions on their sleeves and because of that, their style is heavily influenced by fierceness, sharp edges, and blood red. Pair your red pieces with neutral colors like grey or onyx black. Mix metals antique silver with pale gold.

Textures play a special role in giving you that Barbarian look. Look for worn suede, soft leather, or even a piece with some faux fur. Clothing with "rips" and "tears" will also give your look a well worn feel. Another element you can incorporate are pieces that featured a laced up appearance. The more it looks like you've done battle in the outfit, the better!


Animal features play a large role in your accessories. Look for a pair of earrings that resemble fangs, or maybe a bracelet that features the talons of a bird of prey. You can also look for pieces with a mix of leather and metal. If it looks like the blade of an axe, you're on the right track.

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