Fantasy and TTRPG Inspired Coffee and Tea

Fantasy and TTRPG Inspired Coffee and Tea

Over the years I've become a HUGE tea drinker. I even managed to execute the perfect sea salt jasmine green tea while social distancing these last few months. So when I came across Friday Afternoon Tea, I was instantly enamored. If tea's not your thing, but coffee is, then Found Familiar is sure the satisfy that craving!

Friday Afternoon Tea

Located in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, Friday Afternoon Tea boasts a huge selection of loose leaf blends with a geeky twist. Ranging from your favorite TV show to Tabletop RPG blends.

The owner Friday Elliott also has a Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia which means she can "taste" both words and ideas which gives their tea flavors a very unique spin.

What I love about each blend is how perfectly it embodies the inspiration it's based off of. Like the Bard's Blend that features sparkle sugar.


Or the Ranger's Blend that's a combination of green teas that's nice and earthy.


If you're interested in hearing more about how Friday Afternoon Tea started or about the unique flavor profiles, I highly suggest listening to this episode of Behold Her Podcast:


Found Familiar

I haven't forgotten about you coffee drinkers. Found Familiar specializes in coffee inspired by D&D and Tabletop RPGs.
A collection of eight coffee bags from Found Familiar. The coffees featured are Thieves' Cant, Fey Step, Metamagic, Spare the Dying, Regular Gnoll, Rogue Panache, Pact Magic, and Cartographer's. Each bag features a unique piece of art on each bag.
Their offerings range from single source, to blends, and they even have decaffeinated options. And if you need your fix every few weeks, they have a subscription option.
A screenshot of a bag of Thieve's Cant coffee blend from Found Familiar.  The screenshot also shows the buying screen where you can choose to use a subscription to order coffee.

In addition to their coffee, Found Familiar also collaborates with artists making each bag of coffee a work of art and a fun collectible.

An illustration featuring purple skinned Tiefling drinking a cup of coffee smiling at an astral ferret.

Probably my favorite part about ordering from Found Familiar is that you can have your order addressed to your D&D character.

 Have you had the chance to something from these companies?