3 Ways to Style Your Longsword Dress

3 Ways to Style Your Longsword Dress

Now that the Longsword Dresses will be back in stock (April 1st!), let's talk about 3 different ways you can style it to fit your fashion aesthetic.

The key to dressing up any piece is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! And the Longsword Dress is no exception. 

Casual and Chic

For this look, it's all about staying casual. I love a good denim jacket, and a lighter wash fits our casual look. For jewelry, choose a simple necklace. I especially like something geometric that feels like a sword. For shoes, a great pair of black ankle boots look great. Focus on comfort! Finish the whole outfit with a cute black studded backpack. Now you're ready for a long day walking a con!

Simple Elegance

This elegant look would be perfect for a date night. Start off with a drapey knit cardigan. Add an extra bit of oomph by draping one side over your shoulder for an instant cape-like feel. For the jewelry and the clutch, look for pieces that highlight the main color of the dress. For example, the teal beaded bracelet and teal tear drop earrings. Lastly, choose a pair of your favorite black heels to complete the look.

Edgy and Fun

This last edgy look would be great for going out with your fellow guild members. Pair your dress with a great moto style jacket. I especially like the asymmetrical zipper on this one. Once, you have your jacket, look for a great statement necklace. Something that picks up the colors of your dress. For your bag and shoes, look for pieces that match. I love this pair of silver flats, and love how the bag picks up both the black of the jacket and silver from the shoes.

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