Hi! I’m Lindz, the founder and designer of Guild Party

Guild Party brings RPG classes to life through comfortable and stylish clothing. This clothing line spawned from my love of fantasy and tabletop games. Not only that, it manifests the idea of dressing like a Fighter in everyday life. Or, perhaps it invokes the feeling and aesthetic of a Druid when you need it most! Guild Party allows fantasy fans to dress stylishly in the classes they identify with most. In Guild Party, you’ll feel like the hero of your own fantasy story!

About the Brand

Bringing together modern day style with fantasy aesthetics, Guild Party strives to put you into the shoes of a heroic adventurer. Whether you're looking for something comfortable enough to wear during a 6 hour gaming session, or need something to wear for that Comic Con after party, Guild Party wants you to feel good and confident while also rocking that fantasy feel. 

Natalie and Cheryll back to back wielding swords and wearing the Fighter Longsword Dress

The first collection, Fighter is inspired by medieval knights through colors, textures, and style lines. While these pieces aren’t made of actual armor, you’ll feel powerful and ready to take on the world.

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About the Designer

Lindz hugging Ashley Eckstein at the Her Universe Fashion Show in 2017The winning moment - photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Southern California News Group

Lindz doesn’t have what you would call a traditional fashion background. In fact, she spent 12 years in the video game industry! But it was her love of cosplay and geek fashion that led her down this path. In 2012, she started the blog Set to Stunning with one of her best friends. They both created geek themed DIYs, interviewed people in the community, and looked for all the best that geek fashion had to offer. 

In 2014, she participated in the first Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con. A few years later, in 2017, Lindz would go on to be one of the winners of that fashion show, and consequently design a collection with Hot Topic. It was at that very moment that she knew geek clothing design was what she was meant to do. So in 2018, after the release of her Hot Topic collection, she switched careers and started her own business. 

Lindz’s love of geek fashion and fantasy RPGs has led her to create Guild Party, which combines modern clothing with fantasy aesthetics.

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