Roundtable with Prominent TTRPG Black Voices

Roundtable with Prominent TTRPG Black Voices

One of the things I want for the fantasy and TTRPG community is a place that is welcome and inclusive. And a big draw to these fantasy worlds is as an escape from every day life. But for many, even these spaces can be wrought with issues that don't make them feel welcome. It's often difficult to keep on top of what's happening in every facet of the industry, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to increase our understanding.

So for today's post, I want to share this two part Twitch BlackAF Roundtable from prominent Black voices in the TTRPG space. The talks are raw and real and so, so important in creating awareness of what some of the issues can be in the space. Especially when it comes to racial inequalities.


Part One


Part Two


Panelists and where to find them:

Omega Jones - @criticalbard
Tanya Depass - @cypheroftyr
Krystina Arielle - @KrystinaArielle
Gabe Hicks -
Brandon Dixon -
Michael Sinclair -
Honey and Dice -

My hope is that you watch these talks with open hearts and minds, and then take steps in your own life to make these spaces places where everyone can feel welcome.
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