Attending Gen Con Online

Attending Gen Con Online

This year was supposed to be the year I FINALLY attended Gen Con. While I'm no stranger to west coast conventions, I was excited to see what the midwest has to offer. It also didn't hurt that I have family there, and we were going to make a whole trip out of it. As you well know, 2020 has had other plans for us. BUT that doesn't mean all our convention plans need to be dashed. Gen Con will be hosting an Online version that's full of fun events the weekend of July 30th - August 2nd!

GenCon Online info graphic with information about their online convention. Information includes Events, Show Highlights, Vending, Twitch, Discord, and the Gen Con Game Store
The most important info you need right now is that you can register FOR FREE right now. And then any events you might want to attend open up for registration July 13th.

Now while the registration is free, not every event is. And there's a good reason for that! Many of the events have limited spaces because they're a tabletop campaign or some other type of game. And luckily, most of the fees aren't too extravagant ranging from $2 - $12. Many of these events are run by members of the community, so the fee helps to pay for additional work they're putting into the event.

But don't worry! There are free events too. Most of these are similar to regular convention panels, but may still need to sign up! Mostly, I'm very impressed by the variety of events to choose from.
Screen shot of the Gen Con event finder with an arrow indicating the icon to use to filter the event types offered.
Also, make sure you click on this icon to help narrow down the events. Don't be like me and scroll endlessly...

In addition to the events, Gen Con will be streaming on their twitch channels: Gen Con TV, Gen Con Main Stage, and Gen Con Studio.

Inforgraphic with the text "Gen Con Film Festival is coming to you!" There is a large play button in the center, and below that are the logos for Gen Con and The Fantasy Network
There will also be access to vendors, a film festival, and even costume contests. I'm honestly so impressed by what's being put together for the weekend. Even though this isn't how I expected my first year to go, I'm pretty excited to experience the online version!

Are any of you signing up for Gen Con Online? Have you attended and virtual conventions so far this year?