A set of Level Up Dice's amethyst dice and pendant atop a wooden dice vault

Dice of the Day: Level Up Dice

One of the best things to come out of the popularity of Tabletop RPGs is the immense amounts of dice you can purchase! Seriously, from companies to individual makers, the amount of artistry is off the charts. However, because there are way too many to cover in one post, I plan on featuring an individual dice maker in each post.

I came across this company a few years ago and have been lucky enough to snag a few sets for myself. Originating out of Australia, Level Up Dice, is the source for dice made out of some amazing materials.


Ranging from semi-precious stone, to wood, to bone, Level Up Dice has some great variety. However, these dice are not for the faint of heart, sets can range anywhere from $80 all the way up to $600. If those prices are giving you palpitations, they also sell singles of some of their designs. Some of the designs may be sold out, but check back frequently for updates!

close up of a 4-sided dice on top of a 6-sided dice with other dice in the background. Dice are made of fossilized coral.


If this post doesn’t convince you, and you happen to be going to one of these events, I highly suggest you stop by their booth. You won’t regret it...or maybe you will (sorry bank accounts!)

White quartz dice stacked on top of each other with ionized metal rainbow numbers on the faces of the dice.