An Introduction

An Introduction

2017 was the year that everything changed for me. I had been struggling in my career for a few months by the time the new year rolled around. A project that was near and dear to my heart had concluded and I was trying to figure out where I fit in with a changing industry and company structure. I thought that video games would continue to be my day job and that anything having to do with geek fashion would live on as my hobby. Geek fashion had been my passion for many years at that point, and as I was getting older, I thought maybe it was time to move on to newer things. Others had taken the reigns and succeeded, and I felt that I didn’t have much more to contribute to the conversation.

I decided that for one last year, I would enter the Her Universe Fashion Show, and then explore other passions. I took some sewing classes at a local community college, and put my all into my design that year. And then something amazing happened. I. Won. I couldn’t believe it. While my career floundered, my hobby had turned into something that was life changing.

Princess Mononoke inspired design walking down the runway during 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show
Leader of the Pack - photo by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Southern California News Group


From there, I went on to create a collection of looks with Hot Topic inspired by my two favorite Disney Princesses, Mulan and Moana. When we met with the team, we only had a few weeks to create our designs. But it was surprisingly easy. Designs just flowed out and before I knew it, I had at least 18 pages worth of designs to show the team. I had never felt like there was something I was supposed to do until that moment. It just fit. And in 2018 I both lost my job and launched the Destination Disney collection with Hot Topic. I had never felt both devastated and equally ecstatic as I did then.

A collage with a combination of a Mulan mood board, design sketches, and photos of the final Mulan fashion pieces sold by Hot Topic
Destination Disney Mulan Designs - Photos by Hot Topic


When I had thought that I was done with geek fashion, the universe had different plans for me. While video games will always be near and dear to me (I met my husband in the industry), I knew that I was saying goodbye to a career I had known for the last decade.

That brings me to the next step. I’m starting something new. Something I never in a million years thought I would do, I’m starting my own company. Guild Party. Guild Party is the result of combining two things I love dearly, geek fashion and tabletop rpgs. It’s taken a lot of soul searching to get to this point, but I still have a lot I want to share with you all