The Best Fantasy Looks from the 2020 Oscars

The Best Fantasy Looks from the 2020 Oscars

I’ll admit, I haven’t watched an awards show in years. However, when it comes to the red carpet fashion, I can’t get enough! This year, at the Oscars, there were more than a few outfits that felt fantasy inspired, so here’s some of my favorites.

This Janelle Monae look is an instant winner. That hood and fabric immediately make you think of a spell caster that would fit into an episode of The Witcher.

It would be tough to talk about an awards show and not include Billy Porter. I especially love how he looks like he’s wearing a top made of golden feathers.


Capes and gowns are one of my favorite combinations. Here’s Natalie Portman looking stunning in couture Dior.

Speaking of capes, here’s Brie Larson in the light side to Natalie’s dark side.


Those sleeves and large broach would fit perfect in a royal court.


I love this gown that America Ferrera is wearing. The combination of waistline, sleeves, and head piece makes you think of a Renaissance Faire.


My favorite part of this look is the rope detail around the waist. It somehow feels fantasy and modern at the same time.


This look worn by Tracee Ellis Ross includes both a cape and gold. I love how when the cape is spread out, it resembles wings.


This pastel gown worn by Lucy Boynton feels very celestial and dreamy.


Tessa Thompson looks like a warrior goddess in this Versache gown. I especially love the look of the leather belts.


If you’re not into the mint green look, and about a black version worn by Olivia Munn?


This last look, featuring large laser cut leaves, makes me think of either a forest Druid or wood nymph.


Which is your favorite look? Do you love award shows, or are you like me and die over the red carpet looks?

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