4 Ways to Incorporate Fantasy Elements into Your Modern Style

4 Ways to Incorporate Fantasy Elements into Your Modern Style

I’m a huge fan of incorporating subtle geek elements into my everyday look. But when it comes to fantasy aesthetic, I don’t exactly want to wear a full suit of armor while grocery shopping. So here are some easy tips to give your modern style that fantasy twist and take your look from day to knight.

Modern Style Lines:

Look at fantasy costumes and garments and see if there’s a modern equivalent. For example, if we look at a hooded cape, here are alternatives for a more modern cape look:
  • Cowl neck instead of hood
  • Side closure instead of front
  • Shorter Length



    Design Elements:

    You can search for design elements that will give you a more fantasy feel. Instead of searching for something like “peasant top” which might give you renaissance vibes in your work meeting, try these:

    • Sleeve styles like Bishop, Balloon, Marie/Puff, or Slit
    • Tunic tops with buttons or lace
    • Linen tops
    • Empire waist



      Textures & Prints:

      Textures and prints can also help you get that fantasy feel without sacrificing modern style. Try things like:

      • Metallic knits that resemble chain mail
      • Quilted or Matelasse Knits
      • Prints like: Filigree, Fleur de Lis, Damask
      • If it looks at home on a medieval tapestry, you’re on the right track!

        Tip: Use your favorite show or movie for inspiration!



        This is where you can have some fun! What are some common fantasy adventure accessories and how do they translate to modern day?
        • Instead of Elf ears, try an ear cuff
        • Instead of weapons, try a sword necklace or arrow earrings
        • Instead of a bag of holding, try a leather hip bag


          How far you want to go is up to you. The most important part is that you have fun!

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