RPG Class Style: Dress like a Paladin!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Paladin!

This is an ongoing series on how to dress like your favorite RPG or D&D classes. Each post is a jumping off point to give you some inspiration in creating your own Class Style. To see previous posts, click here.

Paladins are the golden oath keepers of classes, so with that in mind, wings, shields, and of course gold are central to this look. To keep with that ethereal feel, also work in light silvers and slate blue. Standing out is something you should never be wary of.

An ornate gold armor chest plate.

Look for fabrics that have a shine to them, and something with a beautiful drape. To add some contrast, consider mixing a structural piece into your outfit to give you a bolder silhouette.

For accessories, really lean into the Paladin motifs. Look for a winged ear cuff, or a striking ring in the shape of a shield.

Strips of golden paper that resemble feathers

Complete this look with a strappy pair of shoes and fun clutch.

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