RPG Class Style: Dress like a Moon Druid!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Moon Druid!

This is an ongoing series on how to dress like your favorite RPG or D&D classes. Each post is a jumping off point to give you some inspiration in creating your own Class Style. To see previous posts, click here.

While forests and plants maybe be your first thought for Druid, let's focus on their other side. Influenced by the phases of the moon, animals, and the galaxy, Moon Druids are enchanting mixed with a wild side. Shades of purple and pale yellow reminiscent of the night sky should be worked into this look.

A closeup of purple crystal shards

As far as textures go, a bit of sparkle will go a long way. You can make a statement with a sequined gown, or stay more casual with separates that play off each other. Finish either look with a great tailored leather jacket on top.

The silhouette of a cat on a branch in front of the moon.

Stay simple with the shoes so the other pieces can shine.

For accessories, look for pieces that feature moon shapes like with a pair of earrings or bag. You can also draw inspiration from animal and incorporate a statement bracelet. Lastly, look for a large brimmed hat to complete your outfit.

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