2020 Gift Guide: For New Tabletop Players

2020 Gift Guide: For New Tabletop Players

This list is for those who are new to playing D&D or just new to tabletop games in general. There are also some options for kids who might not be old enough for D&D but are interested in playing.

  1. D&D Starter Set - For those wishing to dip their toes in, the D&D Starter Set is the perfect gift. It comes with 5 ready to play characters, a dice set, rule book, and an adventure.

  2. D&D Essentials Kit - If you want an updated version, the D&D Essentials Kit is a great stepping stone between the Starter Set and the core rulebooks. It offers an updated rulebook, walks you through creating a character, and a brand new adventure.

  3. Stranger Things D&D Starter Kit - Similar to the D&D Starter Set, this set comes with all the things you need to play D&D but with the added bonus of being Stranger Things themed. If you watched the show, and wanted to play along, this is the perfect gift!

  4. D&D Core Rulebooks - This is a great set for those who have played D&D for a while and want some books of their own. It even comes with the three core rulebooks, a Dungeon Master’s screen, and a case to hold everything.

  5. No Thank You Evil - This is a great game if you want to introduce kids to the concept of roleplaying games. Players as young as 5 can play and even older family members will have fun. The game features three difficulties for characters and adventures sure to entice young players.

  6. My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria Starter Set - Like No Thank You Evil, this set is aimed at younger players. What’s great about this particular set is that you don’t need to have a Game Master to guide the game. It includes characters, dice, and an adventure. And when they finish with this, there’s a core rule book and more adventures to play.

  7. Paranoia - This is for players who might be looking for something to play between D&D campaigns, or who may be interested in a sci-fi adventure. But be forewarned, this is a game that shouldn’t be taken seriously but should be lots of fun.

  8. Dice - One thing is true of all roleplaying games, you’re going to need dice, and lots of them! Chessex dice are great starting dice and have lots of colors to choose from. Other than these, there are lots of options if you search for D&D dice on amazon. You can also check out some of my Dice Day posts for some others options.

  9. Fabled Fabrications - The perfect compliment to dice is a dice bag to hold them. Etsy has a lot of great items, and these dice bags from Fabled Fabrications. would make a great home for dice. The charms are super pretty!