2020 Gift Guide: For D&D Enthusiasts

2020 Gift Guide: For D&D Enthusiasts

This list is for all those hardcore D&D enthusiasts out there. Items range from amazing dice sets, to gorgeous character journals, and even some great apparel.

  1. Level Up Dice - These dice are sure to leave an impression! As I featured in this post, Level Up Dice are created with a variety of materials and look GORGEOUS. My favorite set is the Green Turquoise

  2. Wyrmwood - When it comes to beautiful wooden products for D&D, look no further than Wyrmwood. Each piece is beautifully made with a variety of woods and if anything goes wrong with your product, they promise to make it right. One of their dice trays or dice vaults would make a perfect compliment to new Level Up Dice

  3. R-N-W- While character sheets are great, if you’re looking for something a little extra, check out R-N-W for their character journals. They even make these great player note stickers that you can use during your campaign. If you're not sure what to choose, try one of these fantastic gift sets new this year!

  4. Beadle and Grimms - Beadle and Grimms offers a limited edition D&D Adventure that comes with everything needed to run it. It features the adventure, along with in game documents, battle maps, and other tokens. Their current offering is the Silver Edition of Icewind Dale shipping this month and the Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd.

  5. Death Saves - Channeling metal music’s aesthetics and a love for D&D, Death Saves offers a variety of shirts and jackets that will take you back to the Satanic Panic of the 80s. My faves are the Medusa shirt and BADD shirt in white.

  6. Heroes’ Feast - If you have a chef on your list who’s also a fan of D&D, why not pick up a copy of Heroes’ Feast? The book features over 80 recipes to help you create your own D&D inspired feast.

  7. Hero Forge - If your loved one needs a custom mini for their campaign, look no further than Hero Forge. Offering a robust character creator, you can design a fantasy hero worthy of your game! Once you’ve designed the mini, you can order it in a variety of materials or print your own.

  8. Paola’s Pixels - Known for D&D inspired, original art, Paola’s Pixels make a variety of items for ttrpg lovers. I especially love this rogue skirt and this dice shirt that we can relate to all too well. They even paired with R-N-W on a character journal!

  9. Found Familiar - Caffeine and D&D go pretty hand in hand, so why not treat them to some D&D themed coffee? Found Familiar has coffee inspired by D&D with unique art on every bag. If you're unsure what to get, every coffee type comes with sample sizes, so get a few!

  10. Dwarven Forge - While you don’t need terrain for your D&D game, after you see the offerings from Dwarven Forge, you’re going to WANT some. They offer both painted and unpainted options. If you’re unsure where to start, one of these Introductory Sets is a good place to start.

  11. MCDM - If they already have all the D&D books, adding a supplement will help to expand their game. MCDM’s Strongholds and Followers fits right into 5E and boasts lots of great artwork to boot! Additionally, you can preorder Kingdoms and Warfare or even get some great minis.