2020 Gift Guide: For Fantasy Fans

2020 Gift Guide: For Fantasy Fans

Because fantasy is so varied, so is this list! It has a little bit of everything and hopefully something for that fantasy lover in your life.

  1. Game of Thrones: The Costumes - This book is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. If either your or someone you know is a fan of fantasy costumes, this is a must have! The pages are filled with photos of every major costume from the show, and includes design sketches and close ups of the details too!

  2. LotR 4K UltraHD - If you’re like me and both love these films, and haven’t upgraded in awhile, this may be the year to do it! What’s great about this collection is you get both the theatrical release and the extended versions.

  3. Unicorn Cosmetics - Have a makeup enthusiast on your gift list? These makeup brushes from Unicorn Cosmetics would be a great addition to their collection. Not only are they the originators of the original Unicorn Brushes but they also have branched out into these gorgeous Mermaid Brushes.

  4. Bidali Jewelry - Looking for some fantasy inspired jewelry? Then look no further than Badali Jewelry. They specialize in licensed pieces inspired by fantasy authors and their works. They were even the first ones to create jewelry inspired by the One Ring! So if you know a fan of Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, V.E. Schwab or other fantasy literary works, these would make a great gift!

  5. Cantrip Candles - Featured in an earlier post, Cantrip Candles is the perfect gift to transport you to your own fantasy realm. And although they’ve recently expanded, love of their products has also grown, so sign up to their mailing list to nab the perfect gift when they’re available!

  6. Espionage Cosmetics - Espionage Cosmetics has been one of my favorite companies for years, and I’m happy to say they have some great fantasy themed nail wraps. I especially like Beautiful as Blades, Keepers of Lore, and Silent Cartographer with featured artist Deven Rue.

  7. Mouse Guard Comics - Mouse Guard is a beautiful graphic novel series by David Peterson. Set in a fantasy setting, it chronicles the tales of the Mouse Guard who protect the common mouse from predators and outside forces so they may live their lives well. Mouse Guard Fall 1152 is a great place to start in the series.

  8. The Hero’s Journal - Looking to create goals and plans for the new year but need a little extra motivation? The Hero’s Journal turns goals into epic quests to help you turn them into reality. Filled with great illustrations and affirmations, these journals will help to set you on the new path.

  9. The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook - Missing Renaissance Faire foods? Why not create your own using this cookbook based on Elder Scrolls. Filled with over 60 recipes and beautiful photos, this will be a great addition to that foodie in your life.

  10. Rat Queens Comics - Are you looking for a story about a fantasy adventuring group but aimed at more mature audiences? Then Rat Queens may be a perfect fit! Featuring an elven mage, dwarf warrior, human cleric, halfling thief, and orc warrior, this group of adventurers are anything but meek. Start with Sass and Sorcery.

  11. Friday Afternoon Tea - For that tea drinker who also loves fantasy, tea from Friday Afternoon Tea would be the perfect gift. This RPG Sampler has 7 different teas to try and would be a great place to start.