RPG Class Style: Dress like a Cleric!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Cleric!

This is an ongoing series on how to dress like your favorite RPG or D&D classes. Each post is a jumping off point to give you some inspiration in creating your own Class Style. To see previous posts, click here.

When it comes to Clerics, their sunniness is the first thing you notice and should be reflected in their style. The sun, stained glass, and of course the occasional morningstar should be the main influences behind your Cleric look. Pastels mixed with ivories or creams are the main color influences. Gold details and accessories will help bring across those bright sunny details.

A golden sun shaped mirror

Texture wise, look for garments that feature delicate lace or sheer fabrics. Ruffled layers and embroidery will also add some delicateness to your look. Not every piece has to stand out on its own. Look for simple basics, like a pair of leggings, that might compliment a more intricate top.

A colorful sunrise made up of pinks, yellows, and blue

While your outfit might look delicate, that doesn't mean you can't add some toughness in your accessories. Look for pieces that featured bursting sun rays like in a pendant or pair of earrings. You can also look for pieces that resemble the spikes on your favorite morningstar. A pair of shoes with golden spikes or maybe a spiked ring would compliment the look perfectly.

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