RPG Class Style: Dress like a Bard!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Bard!

This is an ongoing series on how to dress like your favorite RPG or D&D classes. Each post is a jumping off point to give you some inspiration in creating your own Class Style. To see previous posts, click here.

Bards are often the center of attention not only in personality but with their style. To embrace your inner performer, music will be at the center of your influence, but you can also incorporate other performing arts. Think modern day glam rocker. For that reason, be bold in your colors choices and incorporate neons, rainbows, and other bright colors. To bring balance pair them with black pieces and silver accessories.

Star shaped rainbow lights against a black background

For garments, textures will play a larger role than the silhouette. Pieces that incorporate sequins, rhinestones, or a fun texture will add playfulness to your look. You can also use color blocking or asymmetry to create a statement look.

Close up of violin strings

While your outfit may be taking center stage, don't forget to add fun accessories.

Look for earrings featuring your favorite musical instrument, or a clutch with a design that resembles sounds waves. When you can, add some holographic metal pieces. Finish your look with a colorful pair of shows.

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