November Guild Party Update

November Guild Party Update

It's been awhile, and lots has been going on at Guild Party headquarters. The Shield Pullover is officially in production! I sent in the deposit to get the cut and sew started and hope to have them in the next few weeks. I'm not sure if they'll be ready in time to get for the holidays, but I'm very excited that they'll be going to their new homes soon! I'll also have a small batch available to purchase, so if you missed out on the preorder, be on the look out for when I stock.

The Longsword Dresses are almost ready for production. Since I wore one during the latest renaissance faire, I really got to get a sense of how it feels when actually wearing it (versus modeling). What I discovered was the pockets actually needed adjusting! So that pattern adjustment has already been made, and that means they'll be even better than before (and still deep!).

I'm also happy to report that our 2X and 3X sizes are getting their patterns remade to be better fitting. The most important thing to me with this brand is making sure you both look great and feel great wearing our clothes. Once that's done, then it's time for production! That also means I'll be taking the preorders down soon, so if you want something, grab it while you can.

Lastly, I was able to reorder some more of the Fighter Floral Tees in the Black and Teal medium sizes. Once those have arrived, I'll update the site and send out an email.

One thing I did want to note is that I won't be running any holiday sales this year. Since I'm brand new, and most designs are currently discounted, I'm taking a more relaxed approach. However, come December, there will be another giveaway as part of a huge TTRPG Creator Advent Calendar. And if you're interested in purchasing TTRPG related gifts, I put together a gift guide with a little something for everyone!