April Guild Party Updates

April Guild Party Updates

Spring is in full swing, and with it comes our latest release the Druid Classic Tees. When I was first coming up with Designs for Guild Party, I couldn't let go of the idea of an antler design for Druid. It was the very first design I came up with in the Floral collection, so I'm so very happy that it's finally made it's debut. 

Druids have always felt very dual nature to me, so I wanted to do something that would represent both the land and moon side. And many of you seem to resonate with that feeling too! The tees are still available for preorder through the end of the week. 

Additionally, thanks to those of you who preordered during Earth Day, we were able to make our first charity donation. With the classes being so distinct, I've always thought of what charities would best match each one. It was an absolute no brainer that Earthjustice be the Druid charity, and thanks to a promotion they're running, our donation went 3x as far. This won't be the last time this is done, I'm already thinking of what class and charity combo will happen next!

On the unfortunate side of things, the Obsidian and Emerald Longsword dresses are very far from funding. I think right now just isn't the right time for their release, so I'll try again in the future. In the mean time, I'm refocusing to release simpler designs that will be more affordable, but still have that Guild Party flair.

If I've learned anything these past few years, it's that nothing is certain, and you have to be ready to adjust things as they come. In the mean time, I'll continue to design and wait for the right time to share those designs with you. As always, I hope you stay safe and take care of each other.