January Guild Party Update

January Guild Party Update

After the holidays, January always seems to simultaneously be a slow month and a month filled with endless tasks. That's where I'm sitting right now. While I do my business bookkeeping and organization, I'm also making plans for this next year, and I have A LOT of ideas. So let's talk about that.

First of all, preorders. The Shield Pullovers are done now that we've procured a new embroidery manufacturer. I should be picking those up soon and sending them out. The rest I'll list on the website in the next few days. 

The even more exciting news is that the Longsword Dresses have FINALLY started production. There were a couple of reasons for the delays. One of the biggest reasons was that we completely reworked the 2x and 3x patterns so that they fit better. While I absolutely could have produced them without changing the pattern, they wouldn't have fit my desired quality. But the new ones fit great and I'm so excited to make them now! 

With everything either being done or one their way, that brings me to future planning. As much as I would love to make everything I want, with continuing supply chain issues, and frankly the expense of developing new products, I'm going to iterate on what I already have, and then sneak in some new pieces where I can. 

But I'd also like your input. I ran a mini poll over on my Instagram but if you missed it, here's a version for you to take. I'd love to hear what you want to see more of. Take the survey HERE