January Guild Party Update!

January Guild Party Update!

It's been a minute since I've updated you all and there's SO MUCH going on right now!

The biggest update is that I'm officially in the sample stage!!!  

For those of you who may not be as intimately familiar with garment manufacturing, that means the very first prototype of my products have been sewn together using fabrics I picked out. I'm one step closer to launching! Here's my reaction after I dropped off my fabric:

In a perfect world, the first sample would be exactly how I want, and then I could offer it to you. But if sewing my own stuff has taught me anything, I have a few more iterations to go through. So it's onto sample round two!

 Other than that exciting news, I'm also exploring some additional products to offer so the launch collection feels well rounded out. Not only do I want you to have some great choices, but I also want you to feel special for supporting this first collection of mine. So stayed tuned for some sneak peeks as I narrow down the options! 
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