Ways to Support Small Businesses and Help Out Medical Employees

Ways to Support Small Businesses and Help Out Medical Employees

Today I'm going to highlight some of my favorite small businesses running campaigns to help out during this very strange time in our lives.

Two hands cupped together facing up. A wooden shield with a wood burned hand logo in the center.
One of my favorite go-tos for dice vaults and other wood related gaming gear, Wyrmwood, has recently needed to layoff a bunch of staff. Both due to requirements of their state, and due to the need to maintain safe working distances in their workshop. However, that doesn't mean they're not looking out for their employees!

The Homebrew collection features pieces are handcrafted by the craftsmen who can't work in the main Wyrmwood shop and have their own home shop. The best part of buying these pieces is they actively help to support those who were laid off. Check out this video for more information!

I addition to the Homebrew series, Wyrmwood is also creating intubation shields to aid hospital and emergency workers. For those of you who may need this technology, email covid@wyrmwoodgaming.com and after verifying your credentials, they will add you to a list to receive one of these shields. The best part? They're completely free.

So, if you have the means, Wyrmwood is a great company to support. If you can't spare any money right now, I totally recommend watching their Wyrmlife youtube series (shoutout to fellow Wyrmlings!).

Elhoffer Design and Whosits & Whatsits

Both known for their geek bound designs, Elhoffer Design and Whosits & Whatsits are teaming up to raise money and commission FDA approved masks from their manufacturer. A donation of just $5 will provide 5 masks. If you donate at least $25, you will receive a %15 discount on one item from Elhoffer, or a free accessory from W&W. The donation period runs from April 7th-12th.

In addition to the medical masks, Elhoffer Design is currently in works to create knit masks for personal use. These will be masks that you can wear over your N95 mask or that you can insert a filter into. Not only that, but you'll receive a second mask that you can pass on to someone else. While they aren't available yet, sign up for the newsletter (located at the bottom of the website) so you know when they go on sale

Print and Sew the Curve Flat

Three medical professionals wearing scrubs and 3D printed face shields. They're all giving a thumbs up.
This isn't a small business, but I wanted to give a shoutout to two groups that are working hard to help where they can: Sew the Curve Flat and Print the Curve Flat. Run by hobby craft makers, these groups are working hard to help medical professionals and provide PPE (Personal Protecttive Equipment) to those who need it. The fabric masks are meant to be used on top of existing medical masks to help them last longer. The 3D printed shields provide additional protection to those working with COVID positive patients.

If you have fabric on hand and sew, or you're a 3D printing enthusiast, this is a great way to utilize those skills to help out! And if you can't, support those who can with kind words and encouragement.

Do you have a company that should be included? Please share in the comments and I'll be happy to add them to the list. Stay safe and take care of each other!