The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Gaming Tables

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Gaming Tables

When we started shopping for our game table, one thing became abundantly clear. I was SUPER picky when it came to the look of our table. Not only did it need to fit our space, but also, I wanted it to look good. So I put together this list of the most aesthetically pleasing gaming tables.


The Dresden Gaming table
Bandpress Design
Starting at $3000

A mid century modern gaming table in a room with a colorful wall mural. There are four gold metal chairs at the side of the table and two black mid century modern chairs at either end.
This table by Bandpress Design had me at HELLO. One of the things that stuck out to me about this table in particular was that the focus is on aesthetics. While the table top stays relatively the same, you have the option of picking from various table legs to suit any design style.
The same mid century modern table as above with the top removed. Inset into the table is a blue game mat with teh game Settlers of Catan being played. Along the edges of the table are cup holders and carved holders for game pieces.
Instead of using magnets to attach various components, like cup holders, all those things are carved directly into the table. because of this, prices for this table start at $3000, but there's currently a waitlist. Follow their Instagram for updates.

The Jasper
Board Game Tables
Starting at $650

The Jasper gaming table with a dark finish sitting in a room with tiled floors.
This table by Board Game Tables is beautiful in its simplicity. Perfect for those of you who might have a more minimalist aesthetic, the Jasper comes in three wood options. A dark walnut, natural, or my favorite option unfinished. Meaning, you can customize the wood stain to go with your current decor! I also love the subtle detail on the table's legs.
A close up of the Jasper table demonstrating a cup holder attached to a rail system.
Like many gaming table options, you can buy additional accessories that attach by magnet to the table. The table top is also construct with three leaves that interlock together. Because of the smaller stature, this table starts at $650 and is extremely affordable for what you get!

Uniquely Geek
Starting at $130 per square feet

The Rustic style gaming table from Uniquely Geek in mahogany. Three of the leaves are in the table and the other three are in a holder on the floor.
Uniquely Geek makes the list for their selection of table styles and customization options. Similar to Bandpress, you get your pick of different design styles for your table. My personal pick from their options, is the Rustic. I love the chunkier style on the table, and really like the straight angles. Similar to other tables, Uniquely Geek uses a rail system to attach their accessories.
A close up of the Rustic table demonstrating a cup holder attached to the table rail system.
In addition to the design styles, you can even choose what type of table you want. For example, if you're a far of a bar height table, then there's an option for that. Although an initial price isn't listed, the feature a great estimator to determine what you might pay.

The Phalanx
Starting at 1950€

A metal and wood table from Rathskellers. The table is set for a meal with plates, utensils, and candles.
This next offering from Rathskellers makes my industrial heart happy. Using a combination of wood and metal legs, the Phalanx is super slick! Unlike some of the other tables I've mentioned, you only get one option of wood. However, the other customization options more than make up for that.
The Phalanx table with the top removed. A game is set up on a game mat that is inset into the table. Along the edges are cup holders, dice tower, and carved holders for game pieces.
While most of their other tables feature a rail system, this table has those accessories built in. I especially love the dice tower! The price for this table starts at 1950€ and goes up depending on how you customize it. Keep in mind it may take awhile to receive your table if you live in the US.

The Sojourn
Starting at $3750

A photo of the Sojourn gaming table in a dark wood. You can see the logo for Wyrmwood an the shorter end of the table.
This last table is probably my favorite of the bunch! The Sojourn is the most recent offering from Wyrmwood and boasts a smaller footprint than the Prophecy. Known for their exotic wood choices, Wyrmwood offers a variety of choices for your table. Not only that, but with their double rail system, you can arrange your accessories any way you want it.
A close up of the lift mechanism for the Sojourn. Along the top of the image are the words "Lift Mechanism $1,500"
As if that wasn't enough, the absolute best feature of this table has to be the lift mechanism. Using a detachable crank you can move the game surface to be flush with the top of your table. While recessed game play is great, it's great to have options depending on the game. The only downside to this table is the tabletop is all in one piece. However, that's not enough to make me dislike this beautiful piece of furniture! This table tops our list as the most expensive, but given the features, it's quickly apparent where the cost comes from.

While these tables might be my favorite to look at, they may not be your cup of tea, and that's OK! I love that each of us has a style of our own. So if you're looking for something else, Board Game Geek has a great list of all the places that currently offering gaming tables.

Do any of you already own a gaming table? Which of these is your favorite?
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