RPG Class Style: Dress like a Fighter!

RPG Class Style: Dress like a Fighter!

It should come as no surprise that I'm constantly thinking of style as it relates to RPG and D&D classes. It's the entire inspiration behind Guild Party! I love it so much that I decided to create a series on how to dress like your class of choice. This series is just a jumping off point, and I hope it provides you with some inspiration to make it your own.

I decided to start with the class that's at the forefront of my mind right now, Fighter! This look is inspired by armor, swords, and roses. Keeping with that inspiration, jewel tones and silvers are the color theme of Fighter. Think Knights at a royal court.

An ornate chest armor piece in a suit of armor.

Comfort and ease of movement are some of the considerations when looking at clothing pieces. The style lines can be more simple and streamlined. Two-tone pieces can add an extra design element without complicating the entire look.

A close up of red roses

Accessories will really tie everything together. Look for jewelry pieces featuring swords, or metal armor details on shoes. Even a bag with a great metal texture can add to the overall look.
Looking for a place to start? Our Fighter Longsword Dress is a perfect blend of modern and fantasy. Available in three colors, it features bodice style lines that resemble a breastplate and has nice deep pockets: 

Or if you'd like a piece that's cozier, our Fighter Shield Pullover would make the perfect compliment to any outfit:

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