Next in Fashion vs Making the Cut: Fashion Designer Reality Shows

Next in Fashion vs Making the Cut: Fashion Designer Reality Shows

While fantasy and tabletop games are some of my favorite things, I'd be remiss if I didn't also talk about my other love, fashion! Well, more specifically, fashion reality shows. When Project Runway first came out, I instantly fell in love. However, since we cut the cable cord years ago, I've been waiting for something to fill that giant PR hole in my heart. Well, luckily for me, two shows just came out that do just that!


Next in Fashion
Where to watch: Netflix


Making the Cut
Where to watch: Amazon Prime

What I like about each of these shows is they offer something a little different. Next in Fashion pairs designers together and gives them a theme for that episode. The theme might be Red Carpet, Activewear, or even Underwear. The designers stay in the one location (similar to Project Runway) and have access to fabrics made available to them by the show. All of the designers come from around the world, and my favorite part is that people help each other out. Total Great British Bake Off vibes!

Making the Cut differs in that each of the designers already has an established business. So the focus is more about pushing the designers to appeal to a wider audience. The other main difference is that unlike Next in Fashion and Project Runway, you don't have to know how to sew. Each designer gets a sewing team to help out with their collections, similar to how it works in the real world. Additionally, the designers travel to and stay in fashion hubs around the world, and get inspiration for their designs from their surroundings. And like Next in Fashion, the designers come from around the world.

I really like the direction that both these shows are going in. I think they're a lot more realistic in terms of how the industry can operate and focus on designs that work for real people instead of just the runway. There are places that I think each show can improve upon, so I'll be interested to see how they change if there are follow up seasons.

Have you watched either of these shows? Which were your favorite and what did you think of the winners?