Featured Creator: Paola's Pixels

Featured Creator: Paola's Pixels

There are so many amazing creators that have come out of the Tabletop RPG community that I can’t help but share them. While I have separate posts for dice, I want to make sure I also highlight the creators that make everything else. Today’s post features Paola’s Pixels

What first caught my eye about Paola’s Pixels is that she creates amazing art inspired by D&D and other TTRPG related games. Her art is both clean and colorful which makes for some great products.

Her shop features everything from clothing, to enamel pins, to patches and fun sticker sheets.

Set of two sticker sheets. The back sticker sheet features the words "Item", "Place", "Ally", "Enemy", "To Do", "Goal", and "Rest". The foreground sticker sheet has icons of flags, tresure chests, Zzzs, magnifying glasses, potion bottles, people, coins, stars, swords, and push pins.

Quite possibly my favorite items are her class inspired skirts featuring her colorful all over prints.

Pink bard patterned skirt. The skirt includes music notes, various musical instruments, and weapons.

If skirts don't do it for you, why not check out these joggers? Realistically speaking, when gaming, I would live in these.

Make sure to check out her Instagram where you can find out about upcoming products and lots of eye candy!

Enamel pin featuring a d20 dice sitting behind a DM screen. There are words surround the dice that says "Roll for Initiative"